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Prison Break Season 5 Trailer | Talk!

10:16:00 PM

OMG! The time has come when Prison Break is FINALLY coming out with a 5th season! Hallelujah everyone. I was so ecstatic when I first heard that this was going to be a thing. I actually just recently re-watched all 4 seasons on Netflix and I can't believe they just released the trailer. The fact they killed off Michael and found a way to bring him back was just amazing. This is, however, getting a lot of hate because again he now has to break out of another prison... Come on guys, the series is legit called PRISON BREAK for a reason. Fox recently let out a synopsis/release of what to expect for the new season: "In the drama’s new chapter, which picks up after Michael’s apparent death, Sara has moved on with her life, raising her and Michael’s child with her new husband (guest star Mark Feuerstein, Royal Pains). When clues surface that suggest Michael may be alive, Sara teams with Lincoln to engineer the series’ biggest escape ever. Additional casting to be announced.” New episodes will launch on Fox in early 2017 airing Thursdays at 9/8c. It will also be have 10 episodes. I am just so excited and let's get started on recaping the trailer:

So, first thing we see is beautiful Sara Scofield (Sarah Wayne Callies) and her son, Mike Jr. (Christian Michael Cooper) who seem to be in a hospital waiting room and he adoringly asks his mother what his father was like. I thought the metaphor that she used to describe Michael was spot on, "He was like a storm, appearing suddenly out of a clear blue sky and then disappear just as quickly." I really liked that line and when Mike replies with, "The storms, they can come back, can't they?" Such a great way to start this. 

Next we finally see Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) running towards T-Bag (Robert Knepper) who somehow got a picture of Michael in a jail cell. It's not explaining why T-Bag got the picture in the mail and not Lincoln or Sara but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. I know T-Bag won't be around as much as the original series but I do know he's credited in some episodes so yay! I miss the gang so much I don't even care that T-Bag is a total asshole lol. Also in this scene, we finally get to see the very much alive Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller)! 
Next, by the look on Sara's face she obviously hasn't seen Lincoln in a while because she seems shocked to find him at her house. He shows her the photo and as expected, she doesn't quite believe it. She does make a good point when she says, "I know you want it to be true, I want it to be true. But we got to trust what we know." Of course we all know how stubborn that family is so Lincoln definitely doesn't just take that and actually goes to the prison and sees Michael himself. I am just dying to watch that reunion. It is going to be fantastic. The trailer makes it look like Lincoln is going to pay Michael's bail and we even see Michael walking towards, what looks like freedom, but it's probably just really great editing. The show wouldn't be called Prison Break for nothing right? What DOES confuse me is that, trailing behind Lincoln when he reunites with his brother is none other than, C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar). I wander if HE was the one that sent the picture to T-Bag but then why not send it to Lincoln himself? I don't know, there's going to be a lot of unanswered questions before this finally comes out in 2017. 
And of course we then jump to Michael with his new gang of breakouts. Something tells me that half of them are not going to make it. Just a side note: I'm surprised they didn't show Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) in this trailer since he is confirmed to be in the new season and is even in Vancouver right now filming. I am also surprised we haven't seen anything concerning Sara's new husband! He's obviously not going to last very long because they announced him as a guest star, thank god. I'm pretty sure the creator, Paul Schuering, would get a lot of hate if he kept Michael and Sara apart. Just saying. IF MARA/SICHAEL/MIRA DIES, WE RIOT.
We also see Michael with his little origami birds again, seriously throwback to the past! Loving it. 
Also, at the end of this blog post I will posting the pictures the actor's have been taking while filming!
We see a little kid dropping a message so clearly Michael has some outsiders helping him, at least he's more prepared than last time. Am I just bad at geography because I have no idea where this is set!  Surprise! He is actually imprisoned in Morocco. That is such a cool location to have the series set in because we've always seen the gang in USA, I like this little change. 

The next couple of shots are really fast but after pausing and playing over again, there seems to be a women who helps Lincoln and C-Note. Another side note, I'm just so excited that C-Note is really involved with this. He seems to be equal with Lincoln when it comes to helping Michael break out of prison. So way to go C-Note! They seem to have the brilliant idea of making the city have a black out so the cons can escape. I have a feeling that it would be way to easy if that was all it took. And sure enough, we see Lincoln and C-Note getting  ambushed so we got a lot of action there. Then, we have this awesome series of shots where we see Michael ready instantly to escape when everything goes dark, guards running through the hallways (it reminds me of the under ground electrical halls in Fox River) and finally, Michael climbing on the roof like a bad ass!
Also, if you did not know Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield) and Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Burrows) also play brothers on another CW TV series called, Legends of Tomorrow, which is super cool because Prison Break originally introduced the two to the world and clearly they made such a huge impact that other networks reached out and wanted the brothers back together but for other plots! Pretty cool, I must say.
Prison Break on Twitter actually released an individual character synopsis for season 5, it goes as followed:

Michael is virtually nowhere to be found until the very last minutes of the first episode. Don't forget he's supposed to be dead. Like really dead. But in Prison Break, no one's every really dead.

Sara Tancredi will be returning along side Mike, her 7 year old son. The one she had with Michael before he "died". She now lives in New York and has another man in her life for quite some time named Scott. 

Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell will also return. The show starts the day of his release from Fox River and he is in very good shape. 

Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin is expected to help Lincoln in his new quest. He now lives in New York too and he is the respected leader of an Islamic centre next to a Mosque. He serves God and fights against Radicalization 
Fernando Sucre also joins the team. He's now working on a freelance cargo ship that travels the world (and transports illegal things, obviously)

New characters include Cate, a women in her 30s who may be Lincoln's girlfriend, they work together at a dive shop in Florida; and Sheba, a beautiful 20 year old Middle Eastern smuggler. 

Now back to the end of the trailer!! 

We have a lot of cut screens and heavy action packed music in the background while we see Mike Jr., Sara, Lincoln, and Michael. It's pretty effective the way the editors used the fast cut scenes with the music! For Family: Mike playing with his toy cars. For Love: Sara running (for her life?)
For Justice: Lincoln punching the crap out of that dude

For Freedom: Michael and Lincoln hiding; break out lights turning on; the escaped cons running; gunfire; and finally safety (?)


Again, they really did a great job editing this trailer. I can't wait for the next one to come out and then the actually series. Unfortunately, seeing as the series is going to come out in the next year I'll just have to re-watch the whole thing over again just to quench my thirst!  

We finally end the trailer with silence with Michael turning towards Lincoln and crying, "Brother." Then, they hug. 

 Ugh SO EMOTIONAL. I got tears in my eyes just from seeing these characters again and seeing the world of Prison Break after so long! The series ended in 2009 and it got renewed in 2016. Like damn. I don't know what magic Paul Schuering used but he actually managed to bring back the series. GOD BLESS YOU. 
I will definitely keep updating all of the news to come for Prison Break season 5! So expect more of these blogposts! Thanks for reading !!! And I hope you are as excited as I am.

P.S. These are the Instagram photos from the cast members so far:
Wentworth Miller in Legends of Tomorrow LOOL

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  1. Yasssss!!! I am so pumped too!! I can't wait ❤️����

    1. I wonder if it'll do so well that they'll get picked up for a seasons 6 even?!??!

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