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Game of Thrones: The Red Women (Season 6, Episode 1) | Recap/Talk

1:47:00 AM

Air Date: SundayApril 24
Time: 9 pm ET
TV Channel: HBO 
Director: Jeremy Podeswa

The fate of Jon Snow is revealed. Daenerys is brought before Khal Moro. Tyrion gets used to living in Meereen. Ramsey sends his dogs after Theon and Sansa. Ellaria and the Sand Snakes make their move. Cersei mourns for Myrcella. 

WARNING: There will be major SPOILERS in this recap. I do not hide anything and therefore go full out with everything that has happened in the episode.

Starting off the season premier of Game of Thrones Season 6, we pick up right where we left off. John Snow's body is still lying in the snow covered in blood and mutilated by stab wounds. This time though, we have a sign staked into the ground saying, 'Traitor'. He's dragged inside and surrounded by the few still faithful to him, his direwolf, Ghost, and Ser Davos. Melisandre, seemingly shocked that Jon is dead, is consumed with fear? regret? maybe even worry that her vision was wrong about Jon Snow fighting in Winterfell and most importantly, living in general. Alliser Thorne, the main cause of Jon's dead, has finally reached his goal and now all he has to do is show the rest of the Watch that it was for a good reason. He basically gives this speech but towards the end some people still seem to side with Jon considering Thorne did just kill their Lord Commander. We then go back to Davos and the few friends of Jon that will stay and fight for him, they realize that even if they do give Jon Snow's body to Thorne, they'll end up dead anyway. Well guess what, not going to happen if the Wildlings come and protect Jon too!

Back in Winterfell, we have Ramsay Bolton mourning his friend and mistress Myranda. Clearly he doesn't miss her too much considering when the funeral type arrangements were asked to be made, he simply ordered that her meat be fed to the hounds. Now with Roose Bolton down Ramsay's back since his only chance at making a heir to rule and finalize his bastard position there, is now gone, having escaped. He realizes he needs to find her quick so he can win his father's approval and most of all, his title. Yikes, a desperate and angry Ramsay is never a good thing. Run Sansa and Theon run!

Speaking of Sansa and Theon, they, however, very well know how angry Ramsay can get so with his hounds hot on their tail (no pun intended) they realize they're never going to outrun them, especially with them being so close. Just when you think they're going to bring Sansa and Theon back, Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne come to the rescue and fight off all of Bolton's men. Even Theon manages to kill one of them while saving Pocdrick's life at the same time, go Theon! After some serious eye contact, Brienne offers her services and protection to Sansa and Sansa happily and nobly accepts. We finally get to see Sansa become a women and this was a huge milestone for her womenlyhood and strongness, which I'm hoping will shine through this season. 

In the South, all the way in Kings Landing, we have Cersei with her new haircut, anxiously waiting for her daughter's arrival along with Jaime. Clearly that joy of thinking she's finally back is outlived soon because she realizes that Jaimie is, indeed, standing in front of Myrcella's body. 

Ouch, I may not want Cersei on the Throne but that still has to hurt. She's literally lost the majority of her children and only has one left. At least she has Jaime because they do share a scene and they seem even more determined and devoted to each other and keeping the Lannisters in power, indefinitely. Cersei does mention that a witch had told her that her children will be born then die, taken away from her. Obviously Jaime does not believe that and thinks Cersei is in shock, which she is, but clearly Cersei does not change her reasoning by the meaningful look that is shared between the two. He tells her that it's them against the world, and that clearly won her over to achieve vengeance. Over everything: Myrcella's death, Cersei's walk of atonement, and just the drama with the High Sparrow in general, the scene was still pretty romantic and I do like Jaime and Cersei together. It seems he is the only one that can reach her and considering he's clearly more sane, my money is on him keeping Cersei in line.

Well, in Dorne, it's basically a shit show. Looks like Game of Thrones producers did not care nor hold back. All of the Martell's are dead. Poof, just like that! I was a little shocked seeing Areo Hotah being killed so easily! It was literally a dagger to the back, and down he goes. I also feel bad for poor Trystane. I mean the way he went was rough, and just as he was painting the stones for Myrcella's eyes too, damn Game of Thrones. I guess that just says that the Martell's are no longer important to the storyline. Bye Bye Martells.

"You're a greedy bitch, you know that." Nymeria to Obara LOL. Had to include that here. The fact they have issues with who gets to kill who, wow. 

"She thinks you want to eat her baby." 

Oh Tyrion and Varys, those two always crack me up. While they were walking the streets of Meereen dressed as merchants, they come across a Red Priest preaching about not to rely and wait for Daenarys's return, clearly gathering some followers. It's left pretty open ended but Tyrion does say that it's going to cause trouble. Their little scene in Meereen end with them discovering that the Sons of Harpy have burned down every ship in the harbour, leaving them all stranded. Uh Oh.

We have Jorah and Daario trying to locate Daenarys, and seem to be getting closer. Also, we see Jorah's skin slowly turning more infected with grayscale. 

In the Dorthraki Sea, Daenarys finally gets an audience with Khol Moro. Originally wanting to rape her, Daenarys fully explains and tells him in Dothraki to not touch her. Clearly taken a back and not expecting her to know his language, she then explains that she is the Dragon Princess, last of the Targaryen line. Obviously not caring enough, Khal Moro and his mates all laugh at her. She doesn't have any of it and then states that she is the widow of Khal Drogo. NOW, he was not expecting that and so he unbinds her and apologizing claiming he did not know. I really liked this scene. It just felt special and that Daenarys was finally getting to use her marriage with Drogo for leverage and an actual good thing. Her scene ends with Moro's wives telling her that instead of returning to Meereen, she must go to Vaes Dothrak, where all the widowers to Khal's go to live out the remainder of their days. Yeah... not going to happen. 

In Braavos, we see Arya in the streets begging for money with the other beggars. Like that was ever going to last for Arya.. The Waif, of course, has to come and torment Arya and even beat her. She will come each day and fight/ beat her until Arya can trust her senses and learn how to defend herself blind. Ayra's storyline has always been my favourite, no matter what. So, I'm super excited to see how bad ass Arya is even blind, because we all know she's going to kickass and be great at fighting blind. That girl can do anything! 

The episode ends back at the Wall, following Melisandre now. We get to see her in her chambers, sombrely looking at reflection. Then, BAM. Old lady's naked body. I was so not ready to see that! I know this has literally been the talk of the town since the ep aired but come on! It deserves all the recognition it's getting. Game of Thrones really knows how to pull a fast one of you. The fact that Melisandre is actually a 200 something year old women is crazy! And I wonder if the necklace she wears is all that is needed for the glamour or if there are other components. I can imagine we'll get our answers very soon, hopefully when she learns how to bring back Jon Snow... Wink wink. 

I think the main question for season 6 and what everyone wants to know is............

Is Jon Snow really dead?

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