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Haunted (The Mediator #5) by Meg Cabot | Review

1:24:00 AM

Paperback263 pages
Published December 28th 2004 by Avon Books (first published January 21st 2003)

Is it possible to be haunted by someone who isn't even dead?

Suze is used to trouble, but this time she's in deep: Ghostly Jesse has her heart, but Paul Slater, a real flesh-and-blood guy, is warm for her form. And mediator Paul knows how to send Jesse to the Great Beyond. For good.

Paul claims he won't do anything to Jesse as long as Suze will go out with him. Fearing she'll lose Jesse forever, Suze agrees. But even if Suze can get Jesse to admit his true feelings for her, what kind of future can she have with a guy who's already dead?

Now, What I Thought:

Ahhhhh, If you guys liked Paul from book four, Darkest Hour, then your in luck! He has been (practically) bumped up to one of the main characters now. If you didn't like him, then sorry but you're going to have to put up with him for a little while longer. 
A lot of stuff between Suze and Jesse happens. I mean after what happened last book with the kiss and stuff, you would think everything would be fine right? nope. 
Jesse is a very complex person (??person???), so of course he's not going to just confess his undying love for her.. That would be too easy, which kinda makes me want to punch him in the face. 
Im pretty sure I'm not the only reader who wanted to hurt Jesse at one point because he's just so infuriating. Talking about infuriating, Paul Slater (like I said before) does come back, and is now attending Suze's high school. I found myself very confused at some parts because, well, she has this 'undying' love for Jesse and always confesses it in her head but then she goes off and starts to feel SOME attraction to Paul? Now usually, I would relate and be like "oh of course! Sometimes you change the person you love blah blah blah" but see, she's getting attracted to Paul and does something pretty stupid -in my mind- and still can say she loves Jesse and no one else. I don't know.. I just didn't process that. Sounds very confusing, I'm aware, so please hurry and read the book so you can feel my pain :(

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