Blogging lets me express the love I have towards books that I couldn't possibly do in person. I really want to help young readers, that haven't found their love for reading yet or the 'perfect' book, know that reading is a good way to relate, learn and to spend hours doing. When i was younger, I HATED reading, but all it took for me was finding that right book and genre to realize that reading is amazing and now? You'll always see me with a book in my hands, purse or basically always around me. I want to influence young minds and tell them that, there are books out there for them and you can find the books you're interested in. 

Besides reading, I am an aspiring actress in film/tv and musical theatre. I act, dance and sing all genres but preferably I am an opera singer at heart. I'm also going into school for criminology, looking to become some type of profession in law, as a backup plan.

I love to bake, cook (try to, at least), binge watch tv shows and play video games (even though some might say I'm not that good haha)

Lets end this with an interesting fact about me: I can recite the scripts of all 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer because of my undying love for that show. Like literally.. I can name and date you the exact episode of whatever it is you're talking about, concerning Buffy. 

p.s. Who else's favourite character, Regulus Black, in the Harry Potter series? No one? Just me? Yikes.

Haha. Hope you enjoy my blog, and constructive criticism is welcome at all times!

-Marissa Celina


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