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Goddess of the Sea (Goddess Summoning #1) by P.C. Cast | Review

2:22:00 AM

Pages: 404
Publication Date: October 7th 2003  
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 0425226883 (ISBN13: 9780425226889)

On the night of her twenty-fifth birthday, alone in her apartment, Air Force Sergeant Christine Canady wished for one thing: a little magic in her life. After drinking way too much champagne, she performed, of all crazy things, a goddess-summoning ritual, hoping that it would somehow make her life a little less ordinary...but she never believed the spell would actually work.

When her military plane crashes into the ocean, CC's mission overseas takes an unexpected turn. She awakens to find herself in a legendary time and place where magic rules the land—occupying the body of the mythic mermaid Undine. But there is danger in the waters and the goddess Gaea turns this modern, military gal into a beautiful damsel so that she can seek shelter on land.

CC is soon rescued (literally) by a knight in shining armor. She should be falling in love with this dream-come-true, but instead she aches for the sea and Dylan, the sexy merman who has stolen her heart.

Now, What I Thought:

WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW. I was so not expecting to like this book. I couldn't believe how hooked I got!! Immediately I thought our protagonist, CC, was weird and that I was not going to like her at all. Yep. As you guessed it, I was 100% wrong. It took a couple chapters (maybe up to 4) for me to really start to realize how great this story was. It's not a regular, stereotypical siren/mermaid love tail (no pun intended) but instead, the love was magical and CC's transformation between a strong, Air Force and independent women to this love filled, desperate mermaid was incredible!! There are 7 books in this series and when I saw that, I was immediately confused. The novel ended beautifully and I couldn't imagine continuing CC and Dylan's story anymore but then I realized they're all different plots!!! Every book in P.C. Cast's series has different settings, plots, God's and characters. I can definitely say I will be reading more of her works because she is a fantastic writer. Now, just for reader's discretion, this should be labeled Rated R considering there is sexual content in this. I've definitely read worse but some people might find the sex scenes in here a little too much. I truly didn't mind it at all, I found it fitting because it showcased Dylan and CC's love perfectly! I will admit I did not get how Dylan and CC had sex. Sorry, I'm just going to put it out there... It didn't make sense to me but oh well. 

CC was incredible. She was brave, strong, independent and hello! An Air Force Sergeant!!! I love anything with a strong female lead, especially one in the army, so this was perfect. She really knew when to stand her ground and make herself known to the empowering men. CC goes into a realm and world where on land, women are looked down upon and beauty is considered a sin and evil, especially a women's beauty. So of course, CC in this beautiful body of Undine, demands attention by her very existence. The abbot running the monastery where she resides, does not take to her and instantly hates her. Lot's of drama transpires but I managed to stay so impressed with CC and her strong will and not giving up even though the situations were SO degrading to women, I wanted to scream. 

"I did so enjoy learning the Poultry Dance," Gwenyth said, waving a hand in front of her heated face.
"Chicken Dance," CC corrected with a giggle.
"Chicken Dance," Gwenyth repeated. The old woman's eyes sparkled."

Dylan was just sooooooo fine. He was perfect. From the moment we met him to the very end was amazing. He was such a good match for CC and I loved that he made sure to mention from the beginning that he loved CC for CC, not Undine's body. He really, truly loved her and it was love at first sight. I liked that we got his P.O.V sometimes because it allowed us to see his true intentions and make us fall in love with him even more! Gaea was so sweet. She was just so lovely to read about! I loved her immediate love and protection for CC, even though her own daughter was away from her. She really was a great mother and Goddess. I liked when we met Lir in the end. Lir was definitely not what I was expecting though! Usually with Greek mythology novels, I detest when an author makes God's and Goddess's nice and sweet, because in myth and legend, they were brutes that loved to kill and have sex. Cast really held that balance with Gaea and Lir, whom is Poseidon by the way, and we really saw that they were capable of in the last couple chapters. Let's not forget Lynelle. I knew from the beginning they would be close friends. Lynelle really shown through on her trust and support for CC even after she found out what she was. I liked that Cast gave Lynelle character growth as well! 

“True love is not a potion one person can swallow and another refuse to drink. It happens only when the souls of two join together to form one."

There were a lot of moments in this book where I wanted to scream at the abbot, Andres, Sarpedon and many more characters but that was just the thrill to see the judgment get passed onto THEM in the end. Really guys, this was a wonderful book and I assure you I will be reading the others in this series because I can't get enough of Cast's writing! 

P.S. Yes, the original cover was just so boring I had to use the 2008 paperback edition one because it's clearly more interesting. The ISBN is of that edition, just to be clear. 

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