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April Favourites: Books, TV, and Movies!

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So, I decided to do a little favourites blogpost just to recommend some of the things I enjoyed in the month of April! Here are my top favourite books, TV shows and movies:


To start off with, we have George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones. This is definitely a favourite of mine because come on, who doesn't love that wonderful fantasy world of Westeros. There really is nothing much to say about this because it truly is as good as everyone says it is. Now, I haven't finished reading it yet but I just knew I had to add this in here. Since I also do recaps of the new season 6 of the TV show, I'll just kill two birds with one stone here and mention that this is also a favourite TV show. I'm pretty sure this will be a favourite for a long time, probably even after the books/tv show ends, just to let you know. 

Me Before You was absolutely incredible. I was not expecting to like this as much as I did. I usually don't like reading the very popular and controversial books that are the latest hit but this one just blew everything out of the water. I'm really liking this author's writing and I'd definitely want to read more of her work. I will mention one thing that I did not include on my review, I'm probably not going to read the sequel just because this book ended beautifully and I don't want to ruin the perfect ending and just have it drag on. That is just my person opinion and I obviously can't speak for everyone. If you read this book and really liked it, I'm sure the sequel has the same amazing writing as the first.
 This book was definitely out of my comfort zone. This was a crime mystery novel that takes place in the present, past and future. Instead of confusing me, like I originally thought it would, Joel Dicker did a great job writing this and made it very smooth and well paced. Everything just seemed to fall into place and it was very unexpected. Also, the plot is just amazing itself and really clever. I would honestly like to know how Dicker came up with such a creative story. This is for sure going into my favourites because it's one of those books that need more recognition.
Ahh, Legacy of Kings. I'll tell you guys something, I'v honestly had such a hard time reading this and finishing it. I'm still pretty early on in the book but I find it's taking me forever because of how deep and intense the storylines go. That is why it's in my April favourites; because of the fact that it brings so much historical accuracy (word choice?) that it's incredible. Being a history lover myself, I really am falling in love with this book. It starts off slow, slowly introducing us to the characters with all of the ancient long names. But it needs to be like that, there are so many storylines and so many different people in each plot that we need time to remember their names and the role they play. Again, I am still currently reading this and I plan to do a full in-depth review because this book is too good not to praise it's greatness or more importantly Eleanor Herman's.

TV Shows:
Before I start ranting I just thought I'd let you know that I am a TV fanatic. I probably watch more tv shows than I do reading books... and that's saying something. Just saying, there are a lot of favourites!

Switched at Birth is one of those guilty pleasure type shows. I have to say, once I watched the whole thing, once I binge watched the whole thing, I just kept replaying and rewatching because I was going through that much withdrawal! This show, down to the characters, actors and amazing plot, was so inspiring. Just to give you a little information, this show was the sole reason why I started learning sign language. And now I can proudly say that I know enough ASL to get through a conversation. The actors are just incredible and some really well known people too! It's so nice to watch something as juicy and uplifting as this show.
 This hooked me the second I started, from the crazy intro to the shocking end of the first episode, I knew this was going to be my top favourite TV show. I loved the LGBT community in this and it really made me love the show even more because they weren't afraid to advertise such things that are STILL so sensitive in today's society. I consider myself an advocate of the LGBT community so it really gave that extra push of a great show just by that little fact. Also, just the fact that Viola Davis is the main character in this show should give anyone reason to start watching! She really is a great actress and I love watching her play Annalise Keating. Plus, it centres law. Going into law myself, I really did like that small connection I had and how relating it was towards me personally.
 This is a TV show I always find myself coming back to. I literally just re-watched some episodes yesterday. The amount of underrated and great acting in this show is incredible. I mean.. Bradley James as Arthur Pendragon.. come on. I will also say that I particularly liked this show because I'm some what obsessed with mythology and legends. The Arthurian Legend just happens to be one of my favourites, along with Greek and Norse mythology. Do not expect this show to be true to history or accurate at all, it was a well developed fantasy show and I really loved it, despite it being anywhere near the actual legends. It was fun to explore and see the different versions of the Arthurian Era and I did enjoy this a lot. Hence, why I still, to this day, re watch it.

 Haha ok guys, I have to laugh because as I am currently writing this blogpost, I have season 5 episode 6 of Scandal playing right now. I can not tell you how addictive this show is. Seriously. I watched 2 seasons in the span of 4 days. This plot is crazy with drama and it is so juicy I can't stop watching it! The content literally makes me want to go to Washington, D.C. and present myself to the President and work for him. The politics in this are just so crazy developed. I'v always been a fan of politics, hell I even took almost all the politics classes in high school too. Shonda Rhimes is an incredible writer and I'm so happy with how much love this show has gotten. I'm expecting it to run for a very long time, which I am definitely routing for. The actors in this are just impeccable and I can rave about this show for hours! I find myself up till 6:30-7 am just binge watching season after season, not getting enough. Seriously guys, this show is very addictive, beware!

The 100 has always been a favourite of mine. There is no doubt in my mind that I will always love this show. Having read the books and then seeing the promo's for season 1, I knew this was going to get huge! The story is incredible, the actors they picked are amazing and the setting for a post-apocalyptic world is impeccable. I really liked where they've gone with this show, seeing as it is very different from the books. I like how unexpected and surprising this show can be. The producers really make us cry, laugh and angry while watching this. Nothing much else to say expect that this show will always be a favourite of mine.

This one is a little biased of me I will admit. I do love the show, I started watching from the moment season 1 came out. It has a great plot, great surprises and cliffhangers and of course amazing actors in it. I say I'm a little biased because I happen to just adore and love Norman Reedus, who plays the infamous Daryl Dixon. He really does win the show over for me. Again the plot is incredible but I probably wouldn't be so into it if it weren't for the cast themselves. Now with the prequel, Fear of the Walking Dead, I have to watch that as well because Alycia Debnam Carey (The 100) who plays Alicia Clark (I know, confusing when their names are the exact same in pronunciation) is also a favourite actor of mine. I do find myself dying to know what's going to happen next season and of course I am also watching the prequel because again, it's a brilliant plot and it deserves all the recognition it's getting.


 This was such a fun movie to watch. It was a nice distraction and I just found it so easy to watch! It has Victoria Justice (Victorious) in it, which I liked how mature she is now having gone from Nickelodeon TV shows to actual movies. Again, it was funny and fun to watch and I even re-watched it once after because I really liked her character in this. Also, the fact the other main character is a open gay teenager who flaunts his sexuality proudly... I was bound to fall in love with it. Really liked this one and I recommend this fully!
This was just plain hilarious! It was honestly a very memorable movie and I loved every single second of it! The jokes and humour in this are just non-stop. I lost count of how many times I re-watched this because of the dialogue and HELLO, actors! So many huge names in this and seeing them just act such funny roles was a treat! This movie was amazing and I'm sure the reviews and ratings can tell you that. I'm also sure that almost everyone has seen this and if you haven't? WATCH IT! It's on Netflix, hooray!

And yes, this is a picture of Norman Reedus and I at Fan Expo last year and hopefully I'll have an updated picture of us from this year's Expo! 

Alright, this is the end of my first favourite's blogpost! I hope you guys got inspired and actually are interested in some of the books, TV and movies I love so much! 

Thanks for reading! 
Marissa :)

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