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World After (Penryn & the End of Days #2) by Susan Ee | Review

2:32:00 AM

Pages: 438 pages
Publication Date: November 21st 2013 by Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN: 1444778536 (ISBN13: 9781444778533)

In this sequel to the bestselling fantasy thriller, Angelfall, the survivors of the angel apocalypse begin to scrape back together what's left of the modern world.

When a group of people capture Penryn's sister Paige, thinking she's a monster, the situation ends in a massacre. Paige disappears. Humans are terrified. Mom is heartbroken.

Penryn drives through the streets of San Francisco looking for Paige. Why are the streets so empty? Where is everybody? Her search leads her into the heart of the angels' secret plans where she catches a glimpse of their motivations, and learns the horrifying extent to which the angels are willing to go.

Meanwhile, Raffe hunts for his wings. Without them, he can't rejoin the angels, can't take his rightful place as one of their leaders. When faced with recapturing his wings or helping Penryn survive, which will he choose?

Now, What I Thought:

This is a perfect example of a great sequel to an amazing series. Ee did it again and made a hella great book! Penryn is so bad-ass that she can't even die! Ok, ok I know there were special circumstances and it was just luck but come on! I'm convinced Penryn will and can survive anything. After the whole dying thing, people are still pretty weary of Penryn because it's not everyday you see someone waking up from the dead, no matter the circumstances. 

We learn a lot in this book, we learn more about Raffe and his brothers and past, which is nice because he feels more trustworthy and it seems like we really know his motives concerning Penryn are true and meaningful. It's pretty clear when the last book ended, that Raffe feels something for Penryn. Of course, the most anticipated thing in this book, for me at least, was the big reveal to Raffe that Penryn is alive. Which by the way guys, did not disappoint. It was very well written and even though the little love-sick girl in me wanted the reunion faster, it did happen at the perfect time and was well-paced for the plot line to thicken. 

Now, the big question of the book is will the need for Raffe's wings overcome the love he has for Penryn? As usual, our protagonist finds herself in a tough and life threatening situation and Raffe's decision is critical. Aside from that, Penryn, as usual, was amazing and bad-ass. She kicked many butts and conquered many accomplishments. I liked her dynamic relationship with Obi. They respect each other which made me in turn respect Obi a lot more than in the first book. He ultimately wants to help his race, his people and it does shows. He trusts Penryn, which is good because he can clearly tell that if anyone can stop the apocalypse it's Penryn or at least her influence on Raffe. 

Paige, Penryn's sister, really shone in this book! She came out of her shell, even after the horrific things that had been done to her. I really liked her lines and how empowering she was to everyone, almost like a beacon of hope and light, no matter how she looks. Of course we have problems with the other people who don't agree with keeping her alive, solely because she looks like a monster. That was just so heartbreaking to read and sad to see that her confidence would deflate just a little. But rest assured Paige rises stronger than ever and she really is a huge player in the storyline. 

To end this review, I'm just going to share a quote Raffe said to Penryn after finding out his sword's name is called... Pooky Bear..., enjoy:

“He glares at me as if he already hates it. “What is it?” I consider lying but what’s the point? I clear my throat. “Pooky Bear"He’s silent for so long I’m beginning to think he didn’t hear me when he finally says, “Pooky. Bear.” “It was just a little joke. I didn’t know.” “I’ve mentioned that names have power, right? Do you realize that when she fights battles, she’s going to have to announce herself to the opposing sword? She’ll be forced to say something ridiculous like, ‘I am Pooky Bear, from an ancient line of archangel swords.’ Or, ‘Bow down to me, Pooky Bear, who has only two other equals in all the worlds.’ ” He shakes his head."

HAHAHAHAHAHAH GUYS, just read it, please.

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