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Immortal City (Immortal City #1) by Scott Speer | Review

1:20:00 AM

Pages: 368 pages
Publication Date: April 3rd 2012 by Penguin Group
ISBN: 1595145060 (ISBN13: 9781595145062)

Jackson Godspeed is the hottest Angel in a city that revolves around idolizing Immortals like him. He grew up in the spotlight, and in less than a week he'll become the youngest full-fledged Guardian ever. People around the world are lining up to pay for him to keep them safe. His lifelong dream of becoming a hero is finally within his grasp - and he can't afford to let the parties, paparazzi, or red carpets distract him.

But Jackson's high-profile life takes an unexpected turn when he meets seventeen-year-old Maddy. She's smart and down-to-earth, and sees Jackson for who he is and not for his celebrity. They forge an instant - and electric - connection. Their vastly different backgrounds seem like the only obstacle in their path to being together... until something much more dangerous threatens to destroy their chance at love.

Because not everyone worships the Angels: a bitter killer is murdering the Guardians one by one. And it's up Maddy to save Jackson - he's next in the killer's sights.

Set in a reimagined Los Angeles that sparkles with glamour and celebrity worship, Scott Speer's Immortal City is charged with passion and haunted by themes of power and idolatry.

Now, What I Thought:

Ugh. I really hate reviewing the books I wasn't impressed by but I figured it must be done. I can't always be giving out 4 or 5 star ratings you know? This unfortunately did not impress me. I know the ratings for this series are impeccably good but for me, it just didn't do it. I found this version of the 'Angel genre' to be kind of cheap and way too fantasy like. Writing wise, it was great, Scott Spear did a great job writing it, grammatically, but the whole concept was just bogus. It didn't sell me, it made Angels seem cheap and almost laughed at. Sure, for a light reading this could've been alright for a stand-alone but for a series, I'm sure that Spear wants, it was just too dragged out and the fact that Angel's make you pay for their services... yikes, no thank you. I definitely did not finish this. I read up to just after half-way and couldn't find myself to care about how it ended. 

I didn't like the whole thing about how popular and celebrity-like these Angels were. They even have endorsements and I'm sure if I read on I'd probably learn that they even act or some crazy concept. I just didn't like the whole idea and the plot line, which is a shame because I'm sure I'd like Spear's other novels and I always feel mean writing a bad review but people want to know what I think so...

That's really all I have to say, just a reminder that this is solely my opinion. You may like it, heck, you may love it and it could be your favourite book and I just insulted you. I'm sorry but these are my opinions.
I hope Spear comes out with another novel because I would like to read what he can offer.

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